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California Pilates is a progressive Pilates studio that offers live group training, on-demand courses, and custom courses. We take a whole body approach towards creating fitness routines for clients.
Our methods employ the principles: releasing, alignment, stretching, mobility, range of motion, breath, co- activation, interoception and proprioception. We give our clients the tools necessary to see progress in their health and fitness routines by doing individual assessments with every client. One complaint many people have about gyms is the lack of individualized attention and that they are intimidated by the equipment. We target the specific needs of an individual as well as teach them how to use and set up each piece of equipment. This knowledge empowers clients and help them apply it towards daily activities and allow them to partake in independent workouts safely.
Our clients learn how to prepare for their workouts and what areas of their body need to be strengthened, stretched, released, adjusted, or mobilized. Instructors create an individualized fitness program based on the initial assessment. Each training session is filmed and uploaded to capitates.com for clients to use during their personal workouts.
California Pilates has a cultural foundation of giving and empowerment. The aim is not only enrich the physical body through fitness but also nurture the emotional/spiritual side of its clients.
We have created a unique exercise environment that promotes confidence in our clients allowing them to achieve personal goals and healthy movement habits. We place high value on assessment, core training, strengthening and conditioning so that our clients achieve true strength, flexibility and mobility. Educating clients on the differences is a cornerstone of our approach.
Our goal is to enable individuals to move with ease and strength. We also aim to redefine the contemporary view of Pilates through helping individuals build a solid foundation to prevent injury and thrive in a healthy lifestyle.
California Pilates offers instructor lead online courses allowing clients to progress together in a community environment. Instructor led courses give students well rounded detailed information delivered through video, audio, pdf, quizzes and homework assignments.
California Pilates offers courses for private clients as a way of tracking progress. Training sessions are filmed and uploaded for clients to use during homework assignments and personal workouts.


Lencola is absolutely wonderful! She was very knowledgeable & easy to talk to. I'm sure all of us have experienced changes in our bodies since...Read more

Whitney B.



Lencola is a great Pilates teacher. I decided to try Pilates 2 years ago for a few classes and never quit. I noticed my body needed to build good...Read more

Eileen L.





Lencola Green

Lencola Green [ Founder ]

Lencola Green is a comprehensively trained Pilates instructor with a focus in women’s health and nutrition. She specializes in postpartum recovery, core training, pelvic health and advocates for healing the body naturally after childbirth.
Her diverse background and education lends to helping people navigate life situations, recover from injury and thrive. Her super power is being able to see all the little pieces of a puzzle and help organize them into attainable goals.
She believes there is no quick fix, miracle pill or drink that will break habits but having an advocate in your corner to prompt and guide will get you to your goal.  









About California Pilates

California Pilates is a unique exercise environment which offers personal coaching for pre and post-natal women. Recover from delivery and gain the knowledge to perform at a higher level, achieve personal goals, create healthy movement habits and realistic expectations.

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