back pain

leaking when you jump, lift or run

having a mummy tummy

avoiding activities you love

not feeling toned and strong

not seeing results regardless of working hard




You will begin your journey with a complimentary discovery call to have all of your questions answered. I firmly believe every mother should have a comprehensive postpartum assessment. Recovery from childbirth is as serious as healing a broken bone since complications can be life threatening and life-long.

I will guide and teach you how to take your healing into your own hands to become the best version of yourself. Your normal does not have to be feeling bad or in pain all the time. You should be able to enjoy the things you love that’s why I created a nutrition and fitness  targeted towards the specific needs of women and mothers to get you there!   

Together we will set goals, sort your life and have a deep chat about every little detail that is meaningful to you. When you are organized everything seems to flow. I’ve spent numerous years working as a lifestyle coordinator for CEO’s and business owners to help them in every aspect of their lives. Every mother needs a helping hand, an eagle eye and someone to help them through tough times!

Nutrition is paramount for weight management, hormonal balance and well-being. We will work through your schedule to design a meal prep plan, get your blood sugar balanced, unprocess your pantry and build lifelong habits.

If you have never rehabbed your core after childbirth it may not be completely functional. I have worked with women in their 70’s who went through a lifetime of pain until we rehabbed their core.

Together we will hash out a fitness routine you can do anywhere regardless of your schedule. My methods will teach you how to rehab your core, strengthen it and meet your fitness goals. I draw routines from Pilates, yoga, body weight training, gymnastics strength training, barre, aerobics, running, HIIT, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, resistance bands, strength training and activities such as rock climbing, dance and skating.  

Learn how your body works, how to fuel it and build sensory acuity. Gain skills and resources to balance your life puzzle as well as destress when the going gets tough.

When we are no longer able to change a situation – we are challenged to change ourselves.

~Viktor E. Frankl~

Ask questions, share your success, set-backs and progress with other mothers in our Facebook group Kick Ass Mom’s. Get your daily dose of postpartum recovery info by joining today.





Enjoy NUTRITION30 plus expanded
units on how women's health
and nutrition work together

Learn how to sync your nutrition
with your femininity to banish
bad moods and regain your sexy

develop healthy habits
set priorities and create goals
to increase vitality

A progressive series fusing
Pilates, yoga, gymnastic strength
training, exercise therapy
and self massage

Flatten your abs, align your
posture, balance your hormones
and increase your energy
with nutrition

Restore and Revive your core
Connect to your deep abdominals
Personal Coaching and Customized
workout videos


Take charge of how you look and feel. Pay attention to pain, illness, injury, hormonal balance, digestion, elimination, water retention, dry skin, hair loss/growth, healing, and nail growth. Sometimes seemingly mundane symptoms can be a sign of a larger problem when they are all put together.
Postpartum Depression (PPD) is no joke and goes beyond the baby blues. Mental health for new mothers can also be attributed to hormonal imbalance or the onset of maladies because pregnancy is a triggering event. Pay attention to happiness, sadness, stress, how you react to others and your relationships. Picture yourself in relation to others.
Nutrition is perhaps the hardest part of health because it is a daily/lifelong endeavor. Anything you consume can affect your overall health. Make time to prep food and cook. Whole food meals balanced with starchy carbs, fibrous carbs, healthy fats, and lean proteins every meal will help keep blood sugar balanced. Moving you one step closer to hormonal balance. 
Exercise, playtime, strength training and massage all count towards calorie burning. Daily activity is a must to help your body deliver nutrients efficiently and detoxify the bodies largest organ, your skin.
Mommies are known for nesting so undesirable living or work conditions can cause major stress. Environment also plays a huge factor in aging and disease. Water quality, pollution, contamination, and air quality should all be taken into account when surveying the quality of your surroundings. 
Becoming the best expression of yourself requires lifelong commitment. Often becoming a new mom can make you feel trapped and scared to be adventurous but it can also be a great time for growth. Improving your educational standings and developing skills builds confidence and security. Embracing your own and different cultures is also a great way to build your worldly and humanitarian side. Getting out of your bubble, experiencing new things and expanding your comfort zone builds neurological pathways thus creating a more adaptable and robust brain. 
No matter if or what religion you practice developing empathy, emotional intelligence, intrapersonal reflection and inward beauty will help in your journey to be able to give and receive love without feeling depleted. 
Time management may be the most important section because it organizes your whole life. Minimizing procrastination, distractions and learning to ask for help can make all the difference in minimizing stress. Cut out the drama and create good habits by doing things in a timely manner or schedule future dates immediately.
Chores are a necessary evil. Having a clean organized home decreases stress but is not always easy to do when little ones make the mess as fast as you can clean. Chores include errands, housekeeping, maintenance and paying bills.  

When you look good, you feel good. Beauty is more than skin deep. Eating a large variety of whole foods, staying hydrated and paying attention to your skin, nails, hair can keep you looking younger and vibrant longer or alert you to imbalanced/deficiencies.

No one has ever said they do not want to age gracefully. Beauty is not about wearing makeup everyday and styling your hair but about taking care of yourself, good hygiene and feeling confident. It’s about letting your outward appearance reflect how beautiful you are on the inside.

Self care is just as important as taking care of your loved ones so don’t feel bad or guilty for doing something nice for yourself!   

Regardless of how you execute your purpose/career the general idea is to help others and touch lives. Career and purpose do not have to be one in the same. 
If you are lucky enough to have your career be the thing that satisfies and fulfills you… awesome!  For many of us this is not the case and to truly find what you are passionate about may take lots of journaling, researching, exploring and contemplation. 

One thing I know for sure when you do find your purpose and career being the same thing it’s scary, exciting, liberating, challenging and stressful at times but you keep driving forward because seeing the outcome of your work is great!  

Financial stress is very good at finding the weak links in a relationship and breaking them. No matter how much money you make having a budget is necessary. Material possessions can be great but knowing what is truly beneficial and just excess is helpful. Having a spending hangover is no fun especially when you have children to feed.
Whether you are married, coupled, single or dating having someone in your corner makes being a parent easier. Your SO can be anyone who helps you (parent, nanny, baby sitter, mommies group or partner).
This relationship requires a lot of nurturing, communication, give and take from both parties. Elevating your emotional quotient (EQ) and being able to clearly communicate without taking things personally will help keep things running smoothly.    
Take the time to hang out with your friends and have nights out without the kiddos. Staying connected to those you hold dear can help you through tough times and make you not feel as if your life has done a complete 180˚. Not to mention starting your own family is the perfect time to make new traditions.  
Relaxing is very important to recharge and call  back all the energy you give out during the day. Take the time to have downtime everyday to give your mind and body a chance to be calm.



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Lencola is absolutely wonderful! She was very knowledgeable & easy to talk to. I'm sure all of us have experienced changes in our bodies since giving birth & Lencola was able to address those...Read more

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