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California Pilates is a unique platform where movement professionals such as Pilates instructors, yoga instructors, physical therapists, sports medicine doctors, kinesiologists, chiropractors and the like from around the globe can share their work, knowledge and expertise with a broader audience. Become a part of an exclusive professional community, get discounts on courses, access to instructors groups and exclusive webinars with your peers.

  • Our instructors are able to create courses of any length whether it be short video tutorials or case studies that follow clients for a longer period of time.
  • Utilize quizzes, assignments, groups and forums to create an community around your course.
  • Another fun feature for movement professionals who find themselves teaching many types of tasks over and over to various clients is that the learning management system (LMS) allows our instructors to create private personalized tutorials for their local clients in order to help guide them during independent workouts.

Apply today and help prevent injuries on your own time either through on-demand courses or semester/date based courses that have an opening and closing date. We look forward to bringing your ideas to the world!

[heading] Please use this form to submit your initial application[/heading]

[heading] GUIDELINES [/heading]

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Please introduce yourself and give us a little background about where you studied, your profession, how long you have been teaching/practicing, and what area of fitness/health you are most passionate. Include all of the answers to the questions below in the questionnaire section of your submission.

Question 1

Do you follow any particular method of instruction or views on movement, health and fitness?

Question 2

California Pilates aims to bridge the gap between health care professionals and fitness professionals. What do you think is necessary to help patients receive the best care when commencing with post rehab fitness in order to help them from getting injured again?

Question 3

Here at California Pilates we are very passionate about preventing injuries since many of them are avoidable. Tell us how you think you can contribute to this mission and how you think preventative fitness can be incorporated into every task.

Question 4

There is a lot of buzz about core training in movement professions. Please share your view on how you would teach core training to a client.

Question 5

Please define what core strengthening means to you and share your view on how/when core training should be taught to a person who is new to fitness.

Question 6

California Pilates believes in a whole-body whole-person approach to fitness, injury prevention and recovery. What role do you think psychosocial factors play in performance, recover and injury prevention?

Question 7

The modern fitness industry has evolved tremendously since the 1968 when Dr. Ken H. Cooper introduced the word “aerobics” to the world. In knowing that Pilates began in 1920 and that it has only truly gained mass recognition over the last 15 years; give us a little insight into how you see Pilates integrating into or evolving the industry as we know it?

A potential instructor must be able to teach a minimal equipment based class, that can be done at home by students. If we like your initial application then a video demonstration must be submitted about injury prevention on topics such as: fall prevention, knee strength and stabilization, ideal running biomechanics, or kyphosis. The video must be a minimum of 15 minutes and maximum of 30 minutes in length as well as be filmed with a wide screen 1080p HD format camera. The videographer must make sure that the video is not grainy, has clear quality lighting, non-shaky videography and crisp sound. Most modern cell phones will work just fine if you do not have a professional camera.

All videos must include a California Pilates welcome, brief instructor introduction, course topic, exercise outline, mental preparation for the student, personal assessment cues, core activation cues, clear instruction as to how to perform each exercise, as well as in depth info about the order in which muscles should be firing and why each exercise is chosen. Guidelines on contraindications, form, alignment, and how to incorporate the skills acquired in daily life or meaningful tasks need to be incorporated in the video as well.

It is preferred that the instructor is teaching a real person with a real problem to show improvement after a student receives the instructions contained within the course, rather than just coming up with random exercises. Doing so will create courses based on real evidence and uphold the California Pilates mission.

If the video has any sources sited the supporting links must be submitted along with the video.

Note: All instructors must carry their own personal liability insurance and be able to submit proof if requested. All participants featured in the video must sign and submit a standard model release. Model compensation is the instructors responsibility. Online complete applications will be accepted. 


[heading] The application is a 4 four stage process. [/heading]

Stage One: All instructors must submit a bio, field of expertise, location, and website along with the questions listed at the bottom of the application form. Please be sure to tell us about any relevant accomplishments or information you wish to share.

Stage Two: A video demonstrating your video capabilities, screen presence and expertise in teaching will be submitted after the topic of the video is approved by California Pilates. Do your best to let your personality shine through. Being genuine always makes a great impression! Keep in mind this will be your initial promotional video. 

Stage Three: The training process of how to create a course as well as set up groups and forums begin! Your email address used for receiving Paypal payments from the courses must be submitted at this time. If you decide that you no longer want to be an instructor you will still receive commissions on courses sold but at a lower commission since you are no longer required to moderate.

Stage Four: While you are creating your first course we will promote you across the internet with the second application video you submitted.

[heading] INSTRUCTOR CAPABILITIES [/heading]

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