How to Cultivate a Fitness Mindset

I hear it on a regular basis from my students, “I don’t have your natural abilities and could never do …Read More

Profile PhotoLencolaAugust 10, 2019

Assessment Tips for Pilates Instructors

When I was fresh out of my Pilates training program the hardest thing for me to really wrap my head …Read More

Profile PhotoLencolaJune 14, 2019

Core Training

If you search the internet for “core training” you get tons of articles on workouts that will give you six …Read More

Profile PhotoLencolaJune 13, 2019

Core Conditioning

Core conditioning takes place after both core training and strengthening are acquired. Core conditioning is when the fun really begins …Read More

Profile PhotoLencolaJune 6, 2019

Core Strengthening

Core strengthening is the second essential component to developing a balanced accessible core. Often times core strengthening begins prematurely. As …Read More

Profile PhotoLencolaJune 6, 2019

Post-rehab fitness

For those that have been injured and have been released from physical therapy, the chances of re-injury can be greater. Post …Read More

Profile PhotoLencolaJune 2, 2019
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