Core Conditioning

Core conditioning is when the fun really begins! Test the integrity.

Core conditioning takes place after both core training and strengthening are acquired. Core conditioning is when the fun really begins and the skills acquired during training and strengthening are put to use. Exercises that challenge the integrity and dynamic nature of the core muscles come into play at this stage. Dissociation (moving only the necessary parts), Proprioception (knowing where your body is located in space), interoception (awareness of internal stimuli), confidence (belief in personal abilities), and ease of movement allow muscle activity around joints to share loads and smoothly transfer forces throughout the body. A conditioned core helps to decrease injury and increases adaptation to external stimuli.

Core conditioning is the final piece of the puzzle and where you get to put all your new skills to use. This stage is when you are able to move without thinking about the steps and high load repetitions begin.

Now is a great time to participate in…

  • Total body movement activities (gymnastics, Pilates, acro-yoga, rock climbing, aerial arts)
  • Dynamic sports (golf, baseball, basketball)
  • Integrated movement and strength exercises (parallets, planche, L-sits)
  • High impact fitness (HIIT, Running, box jumps, jump rope)
  • High endurance sports (running, swimming, cycling)

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