Core Strengthening

Solidify and strengthen your core connections.

Core strengthening is the second essential component to developing a balanced accessible core. Often times core strengthening begins prematurely. As mentioned in the “Core Training” blog the two terms are not the same.

Ideally core strengthening can start after:

  1. All barriers that inhibit the desired movement are addressed.
  2. All deep and superficial muscles systems are connected and coordinate.
  3. Posture and ideal movement training is taught.
  4. The muscles can perform 20- 30 easy repetitions of 5 to 7 tasks that includes the desired movement.
  5. Home practice of new posture, movement, and tasks are done to solidify optimal movement patterns.

Once control and the ability to perform efficiently are achieved then core strengthening can begin. This is the point where increased awareness is gained to facilitate automatic movement patterns. When you are able to perform without having to think about every action is the point when higher repetitions, resistance, and integrating the new skills into sport specific tasks begins.

As mentioned above the ideal person would stop doing all tasks until optimal performance is achieved, but his is not always possible especially if it is a huge lifestyle change. In this case the training/release exercises should be used as a warm-up routine before regular workouts, much like drills before running.

Releasing barriers, aligning the body, connecting with muscles, and moving with purpose are a recipe for gaining optimal control for strengthening.

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