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This course is about making progress through taking action. Each section includes tasks to guide achieving your goals.
Taking a holistic approach and truly organizing your life as a mother and a parent will get your head above water. Balancing your life is the first step to creating your Good Life.
The CORE CARE system is comprised of three parts: priorities, nutrition and fitness. In-order to workout and eat right you need to know how to sustainably build and maintain a proper foundation.

Throughout this course we will:


Establish your priorities by evaluating 15 major areas of life

Establish “absolute priorities” – your strengths

Establish “critical priorities” – your barriers/deficits

Reflect on, define and/or refine your Good Life

Learn the values driving your decision making

Create achievable goals

Define/refine your purpose, mantra, intent and mission statement for the year

Learn goal achievement strategies

Create your step-by-step guidance to managing your time, tasks and productivity

Course Curriculum

Course Overview
Course Introduction 00:00:00
How to navigate the course! 00:00:00
Priorities – Pinpoint the problem to find solution
Priorities – Introduction 00:00:00
Rate and Rank Your Life 00:00:00
Rate and Rank Your Priorities 2, 00:00
Absolute and Critical Priorities 00:00:00
Values – Find your core and driving forces
Values – Introduction 00:00:00
Values 00:00:00
Meditation On Values 00:00:00
Values Statements 00:00:00
What values drive your decision making? 3, 00:00
Good life – Manifest your desired outcome
Good Life – Introduction 00:00:00
Meditate On Your Good Life 00:00:00
Manifest Your Good Life 00:00:00
Pledge to have an awesome year! 10, 00:00
The Wealth of Life
Calculate Your Good Life 00:00:00
What’s keeping you from your good life? 00:00:00
Goal Creation - Identify barriers
Create goals to balance your life. 00:00:00
Choose Your Weapon 2, 00:00
Circles of Influence - Pinpoint Your Triggers
Introduction – Influence and Control 00:00:00
Pinpoint Your Circles 00:00:00
Establish Your Circles of Influence and Control 4, 00:00
Relationships 00:00:00
Pinpoint Your Emotions 10, 00:00
Pinpoint Emotions Quiz Unlimited
Strengths & Weaknesses – Shape your behavior
Intent and Mission Statement
Time Management – Correlate to real life
Achieving your goals – What drives you
Project Management - Putting willpower into action
Make Things Happen

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California Pilates is a unique exercise environment which offers personal coaching for pre and post-natal women. Recover from delivery and gain the knowledge to perform at a higher level, achieve personal goals, create healthy movement habits and realistic expectations.


Lencola is absolutely wonderful! She was very knowledgeable & easy to talk to. I'm sure all of us have experienced changes in our bodies since giving birth & Lencola was able to address those...Read more

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