0.0 Mat Teacher Training Homeroom (Certificate)

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This course will be utilized throughout your training. Consider the homeroom a place to orient yourself about the ins and outs of the teacher training program. Go to the “Start Here” section to begin your journey and find out what you will need for the Intensive Virtual Days and the entire training.

  • Course requirements
  • Where you upload your hours logs
  • Where you upload your final assignments
  • Documents you need for the intensive training
  • Resources for the training
  • Professional overview

Who is the target audience?

  • Current Students signedup for a teacher training with California Pilates
  • Those looking to learn about Pilates teacher training and the profession of Pilates

Learning a new skill or changing a career can be is very intimidating. This course will help keep you on track through out your training and help get you started. There are lots of example documents and resource you will be able to utilize in your teaching. The Pilates industry has many tracks and contradicting opinions so it’s nice to have a guide and jumping off point.

I have spent a lot of time deconstructing what it takes to thrive in the Pilates industry and this course is where you should focus your attention first  so you can avoid pitfalls later.

Mat Teacher Training Workshops (Aug 2021 and Beyond)

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