“Don’t let cost and culture be the barrier keeping you from pursuing your passion for Pilates. Bring Pilates to our communities! Our Pilates Teacher Training was created to increase representation while upholding educational quality so you can be a contender.”  

The Black community is suffering and now more than ever we need a way to safeguard our health and future. There are only around 600 black Pilates Instructors in the world! Mostly because it has been out of our reach either financially, location or the perpetuation of a culture of exclusivity.

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june, 2021


You have two options: Bridge (for Pilates Teachers) or Certificate (for new instructors)

Certificate FAQ's

Our training will teach you the skills needed to thrive as an Instructor in the Pilates Industry. After the training you will be able to lead Pilates classes for individuals and groups whether that be online or unperson sessions with your students.

Our Online Certificate Pilates Mat Teacher Training is a 200 Hours program comprised of:

Self paced online material
30 hour Pilates immersion
Live zoom meetings, mentorship
Practice teaching
Business coaching.

Students are required to complete the 30 hour immersion, all online materials, live/zoom meetings, and mentorship to receive a Certificate of Completion with California Pilates. After graduation you will able to register with The Pilates Coalition as a 200 Hour RPI (Registered Pilates Instructor). In the future we will also offer an 800 Hour Comprehensive Teacher Training program. 

Our Online Pilates Mat Teacher Training is valued at $1200 (U.S.) but our mission is about empowering and uplifting the Black race in their time of need. This training is (for a limited time) only $400 for BIPOC due to pandemic and to create opportunities for those in need.

Tuition and Fees

Certificate Mat Program Tuition: $1200 limited time offer* $400 (U.S.) 

*price increases in March 2020

Tuition Fees include: 

  • Access to online Materials

  • 30 hour Pilates Immersion

  • Digital Mat Manual/Study Guide

  • Mentorship with Master Trainer

  • Business Coaching Course

  • Final Written Exam (online in English)

Additional Fees 

Testing Fees: 

$250 for Mat practical exam and teaching evaluation

Studio Use Fees: 

Some studios may charge a studio use fee to complete observation, self-practice, and student teaching hours. Please contact your local studio for more information. 

Equipment Fees: 

You will need access to: 36in/1m long foam roller, therapy resistance bands, loop bands, Swiss Ball, small 6-9 inch Fitball, Pilates Magic Circle, yoga blocks and a thick Pilates mat.


CALIFORNIA PILATES Monthly Subscription – $18.99/month or $189.99/annually

Mentor Calls
Labs and Workshops

Our live meeting schedule is subject to postponement or cancellation based on student enrollment or extenuating circumstances. 

All pricing is in U.S. Dollars (USD)

The amount of time it will take depends on your level of commitment. Students finish between 3-6 months.

You will learn both classical/traditional and contemporary styles of Pilates. Our approach to Pilates teaches you to be a free thinker and safely train the person in front of you. The CALIFORNIA PILATES program is unique because we teach you how to navigate in-person and online teaching arenas.

Yes and no, you can get an exemption for the online course material but you will have to participate in the applied anatomy segments during the live meetings.

When you sign up for the online certificate course you are committed to completing everything. The program was designed with industry standards in mind and to prepare you to stand next to and out from seasoned instructors. The Program Has 4 phases.

Phase 1:

30 hr Pilates Immersion
Begin Online materials for Foundations, Mat I, II, and III.

Phase 2:

Day 1 – Mat Foundations –  Postural Assessment, Pre-Pilates, Anatomy

Day 2 – Anatomy Workshop, Mat 1

Day 3 – Movement Analysis, Class Creation, Mat 2

Day 4 – Mat 3, Cueing and  Programming

Day 5 – Props: Foam Roller, Fit Ball, Gymnastic Ball, Magic Circle, Bands

Day 6 – Integrated Special Populations and Modifications

Bonus Online Courses: Social Media Influencing, Career Paths and Business Coaching

Phase 3:

Mentorship and Completion of observation, self-practice, and practice teaching hours.

Phase 4: 

Completion, Testing and Evaluation:

Attend all Intensive Days
Pass final online written exam
Complete a minimum of 30 Observation hours w/logs
Complete a minimum of 40 Self-Practice hours
Complete a minimum of 30 Practice Teaching hours (10 recorded live through zoom)
Pass Practical Exam
Pass Teaching Evaluation

Program Hours:

Immersion:                30
Online Hours:            30
Intensive Days:          36
Observation:              30
Self-Practice:              40
Practice Teaching:     30
Business Coaching:    4

Total        200 hours

Live meetings will either take place:

  • 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM PST over 6 intensive days (Summer Sessions Only)

  • 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM PST over 3 weekends (Sat and Sun)

  • 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM PST over 2 weekends (Fri, Sat & Sun)

There will be two 30 minute breaks each day.

  • Hours of instruction during Intensive days = 36

  • Hours of contact/commitment for Intensive Days = 42

No, we do not share the recorded training to protect the privacy of our students. Also we prefer you attend the live/online training because you can ask questions and receive feedback.

Yes! you have the option to split the bridge training into 3 payments of $100 or the certificate program into 4 payments of $100.

You will receive a certificate of completion and be able to teach anywhere that offers mat classes. Mat instructors typically teach in a gym, online studios, at home, at other peoples homes, your local community center, corporate events or your own studio. In the USA the Pilates and fitness industry is unregulated so your education and teaching abilities must speak for itself. We are working to create an organization that recognizes the hard work of modular instructors. California Pilates stands behind or trainings and will gladly be a reference for you through out your career.

The scale varies per region, depends on education level and the number of years teaching.

Mat instructors paid by a gym receive approximately $25-$45 per class. Some spaces offer a percentage deal where the instructor receives 40-60% of the fee per student. Some studios pay a flat hourly rate plus a percentage.

Instructors who are trained on all Pilates equipment receive $35-$75 an hour from a studio.

Students taking a group class usually pay $20-$45 per hour a session and private classes range from $65-$125 hour per 1 hour session.

California Pilates is a woman owned Black small business. Lencola’s 16 years of teaching expertise allows her to brings a unique perspective on what it means to be a minority in the Pilates community. Out of the 75K instructors in the world there are only approximately 800 who are Black. Lencola is one of the few Black Pilates Master Trainers in the world. 

“I am standing for my people and looking to train thousands of Black Pilates instructors to lead this industry into a revival. Training will create financial freedom, health and prosperity for BIPOC.

Join me in being a pioneer in this industry or an ally who is onboard to help support our mission!”

You will receive a well rounded education that draws from the entire Pilates repertoire not just the 34 original Pilates mat exercises and will prepare you to teach many different populations. This training dives deep into the how, why, when and who of each exercise so you can deliver safe, fun , and effective classes.

No, Pilates is similar in the sense that it has a mat repertoire like Yoga but we have our own unique exercises and order. Yoga moves through poses/postures whereas Pilates is more like calisthenics. We do indiviual exercises consisting of 3-10 repetitions each. A class can be 30-60 mins with up to 34+ exercises in an advanced class.

Pilates focuses on core strength, spinal health, whole body health and breath. It operates on a set of principles. Pilates is a mind body form of exercise that is not rooted in a religion.

California Pilates Principles

  • Breathe

  • Centering

  • Concentration

  • Control

  • Precision

  • Strength

  • Control

  • Integrity

  • Compassion

  • Character

  • Competence

  • Competency

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