Instructors Guide

An Instructor is a user who creates the courses, manages the courses and students.


An Instructor by default gets access to a lot of features in the sites. Like viewing all Questions in the question bank, viewing all units in the directory through the admin panel.

Instrctor however can not edit or delete the contents from Units created by other Instructors.

An Instructor can not manually assign badges and certificates to students who are not taking the course.

Group Admin

An instructor is also the Group Admin of the groups connected to Courses published by him. An Instructor therefore can Add or Remove any student from the Group. An Instructor can also assign some students as Group Moderators for efficient functioning of the group.

Forum Admin

Just like the groups, an Instructor is the Forum administrator for the Forum Connected to the Course.

An Instructor can delete any sub-forum, topic in the Course forum.

An Instructor can ban any user in her forum.

Only an Instructor or Administrator can create Courses in WPLMS

Creating Units

Units are the most basic elements in a course. Follow the steps to create a new unit.

Adding a New Unit

  1. Login to Admin Panel
  2. Go to LMS section and click on All Units.
  3. Now click on Add New
  4. Now fill in the details like Unit Name in the heading of the post, and the unit content in the editor area. The editor area is same as that for posts, pages and supports WordPress native audio and videos [Learn more+].

 Unit Settings

  1. Unit Description: Enter a small gist/description of the unit here. The description comes below the heading of the Unit.
  2. Unit Type: Select unit type from General(Simple Text Unit) , Audio, Video or Podcast. Selecting the unit type comes handy in course curriculum where the unit icons are shown based on this selection i.e. in case of a video unit, a video icon will be shown along with the unit name in the course curriculum.
  3. Free Unit: Select Free Unit Show or Hide. Show option makes the Unit as free and allow users to see the unit for non logged in users before purchasing the course.
  4. Unit Duration: Enter the estimate  of the duration of the course in Minutes.
  5. Unit Forum: BbPress Forum can be connected to an individual unit from here. Select the Unit forum or Course Forum or any other forum instructor wish to connect with this Unit. Forums are useful for instructor and students interaction, clearing the doubts and creating a social connection within the group opting the course.

Unit Attachments

Unit Attachments are downloadable data attached to a unit which the students can download. These attachments are shown at the bottom of the unit. An attachment could be a video, audio, pdf, doc or a zip file. Follow below steps to add attachments to a unit.

  1. Click on Add Media button in the Unit.
  2. Upload the Attachment files. Learn more
  3. Unit will now automatically detect the attached files and show them below the unit content.

Finishing Unit

  1. Add the unit tags.
  2. You can save the unit as draft for future releases or Publish it.

Creating Questions

Question is the most basic elements in a Quiz. Follow the steps to create a new question.

Adding a New Question

  1. Login to Admin Panel
  2. Go to LMS section and click on All Questions.
  3. Now click on Add New button.
  4. Now fill in the reference name of the question like “Maths Quiz1 Question1″ etc, naming your question helps in putting up questions together while making a quiz. After naming, enter the question in the editor area.



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