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Videographer Candidates

We are searching for videographer candidates looking to add to or improve their video portfolio. Ideally this is someone newly enrolled in a film course, recently graduated or even an experienced videographer looking for work.

We are, a new web based fitness studio in the process of developing our online content consisting of courseware, tutorials, live events and webcasts.

This position is unpaid to start (none of us are paid at this time), leading to a paid contractor or employee position for the right person or persons. Starting off working with and learning from an experienced photographer and web developer, we anticipate the position will evolve from assistant to a department manager responsible for filming content and creating the final polished video as well as conducting live webinar sessions.

Probably a good thing to have (Skills):
Show us you know your way around a DSLR and/or professional video camera, sound and lighting equipment. Impress us with your proficiency composing and lighting a scene, directing, filming, editing and formatting for High Definition (HD) web content. Wow us with examples showing how you managed a project from pre- through post-production, and worked independently to complete a task or project as well as a team project. The example project does not matter, just show us that you saw a project to completion. We are willing to train the right person(s).

Have creative ideas and methods with which to share, develop and experiment; we want your creativity to shine here. Have your own, or access to a, DSLR or professional camera, lighting, microphones and other necessary equipment. Perhaps you enjoy exercising and working out, though its not a requirement. Mac computer and Adobe software.

Be Prepared to get:

  • Tons of footage and completed videos for your portfolio!
  • Video credit
  • On the job training to build and refine your production skills
  • Exposure – your work seen by a world fitness market
  • Make numerous contacts in the industry as well as for talent and new clients
  • Web development skills and marketing experience
  • Learn how to target videos to a specific audience

Tentative dates for our first shooting are as follows in Walnut Creek, CA:

Wednesday, August 19th
Saturday, August 22nd
Wednesday, August 26th
Wednesday, September 9th
Wednesday, September 23rd
Wednesday, October 7th
Wednesday, October 21st

Videographer Application

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Collaborate, create, communicate and ideate with teammates who’ll reciprocate and appreciate what you make and contribu…uh..tate to serve our client base.

Our concept of collaboration is working with us not for us, in an environment that gives space and latitude to explore the depth of your craft.

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