Teacher Training Materials


• 1/2″ (12 mm) Thick Pilates Mat
• 36″ Foam Roller
• 4-6 ft (2 m) Therapy Band
• Infinity band
• Swiss Ball
• Fit ball (small ball)
• Magic Circle (Pilates Ring)
• Yoga Block
• Computer or Tablet and phone
• Headphones (wireless preferred) • Internet
• Zoom (free version)
• Notebook or journal

Things to keep in mind when choosing a foam roller and Swiss/Gymnastic Ball… Foam rollers come in several densities (hardnesses). If you are sensitive to pressure I recommend purchasing the blue roller from OTPT or the cheaper white one. The white roller however, has a short shelf life and depresses over time.

When you choose a Swiss/Gymnastic Ball you want to consider your height and leg length so when you sit on the ball, your legs should be at 90º. I’m 5’8″ (72.72cm) and use a 65cm ball. The product has a chart to help you pick.

You are welcome to purchase either the fabric loop bands or the rubber ones. I will be purchasing the fabric ones since the rubber ones tend to roll up. I’ve heard great reviews from other instructors about the fabric ones.

Digital versions or used copies of the books are perfectly fine and feel free to choose any edition of the anatomy books. Anatomy is a pretty consistent topic. If you are like me, you can never have too many books!

Props & Equipment

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All of these items are just suggested feel free to purchase what ever brand you enjoy.


*Required (If you cannot find this book purchase Pilates’ Return to Life)


*Required (Older Editions are acceptable)

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