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The Post-natal Essentials course offers a private forum and group that allows students to share their stories, ask questions, and get help on course related material. 

Join the conversation or start one because you are not alone in your recovery and the fight to get your body back. 



When you sign up for the Post-natal Essentials course you are automatically signed up in the groups along with all the other students.

Being a part of the group allows you to send and receive messages from the instructor, invite friends to take the course, receive updates and access the student forum.

Being part of the private group makes it easier for you to connect with other mothers who are on a similar journey. Gain exclusive access to dedicated instructors, information and support only available to students.  


Check out the California Pilates blog it is a great resource for nutrition tips, injury prevention, and information on how to live a sustainble fitness lifestyle.


The Post-natal Essentials course offers live events as well as private lessons that are available for local clients. Check the events page for upcoming dates.

Live events are a great way to get individual feedback from the instructor as well as a way to enhance the course material by customizing the course to your personal needs.

Private training is also available to local clients who are interested in hands on, 1 on 1 assessment or those who are working closely with a doctor.

If you are interested in private instruction please contact your instructor or book an appointment

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