Introduction to the Unstoppable Mom Lifestyle (UML)

Considering that pregnancy takes 9 months to change a mothers body to grow a baby and ready for delivery it is hard to accept that a women is suppose to go back to her pre-pregnancy size and abilities immediately after delivery.

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Program Overview

The UML live group training program is a 6 month, 12 module program. This course is designed to take you through the process of rehabbing your core and building a fitness lifestyle from the ground up. 

Taking into account that it takes a minimum of 12 weeks for the body to fully regain a connection with the abdominal wall this course starts with core training exercises to re-establish the neural connections. Then the course moves into core strengthening exercises to solidify the connection and build a foundation for resistance exercises. Once tone and control are regained phase three introduces core conditioning exercises to challenge the body. Each stage ends with a quiz to guide you through self evaluation to make sure you are ready to move onto the next stage. Local clients can take advantage of private sessions to give individual feedback and evaluate progress.


Month One: Introduction to the Transverse Abdominus and Pelvic Floor
Month Two: Great alignment and posture through whole body engagement.
Month Three: Stretch and release muscle tension
Month Four: Stabilize pelvis by strengthening the core
Month Five: Strengthen and stretch the legs, knees and feet
Month Six: Pectoral and shoulder girdle stabilization and activation.
Month Seven: Stretch and Strengthen the upper body
Month Eight: Total body workout – all systems go.


The UML course utilizes a whole body approach which takes into account all of the systems that make up an individual. This program is meant to enhance your daily life and regular workout routine.


This course will address issues such as pelvic floor activation, urinary incontinence, baby blues, motivation, posture, hormonal changes, and how to achieve optimal biomechanics for healthy living. Refer to the course curriculum on the course page for a detailed outline of the course.



While going through this course remember to be kind to yourself and know that you will have good days, stressed days, tired days and just down right bad days. Do not get derailed from your end goal. Just do your best everyday which will be even flow. The key to success is consistency. Doing half the reps is better than no reps. If you need a little encouragement head over to the forum or blog section.


As with any fitness make sure you are ready for activity and consult your physician before beginning any new routines. Be aware that guidelines for “return to play” are changing for post-natal activity. Many physicians are recommending that mothers who deliver vaginally with no complications can return to activity as soon as they feel able.

Returning to sport as soon as possible in essence is a good thing because the sooner core connecting and training begins the faster the recovery. The only problem happens is when mothers believe that they can pick up where they left off before becoming pregnant. Mothers who have recently delivered should avoid:

• Lifting anything heavier than your baby
• Doing planking, push-up like exercises
• Forward flexion exercises like crunches or sit-ups
• Extension exercises like back-bends, cobra, wheels, or swans
• Any exercise that stretches the abdominals
• High impact sports that involve jumping, bouncing or running
• Doing anything that stretches the pelvic floor like sumo-squats, the splits, lotus pose

After reading the list above you may wonder what you can do. The first step is to access your muscle recruitment abilities then establish a connection with the deep muscles of the core. You can only strengthen a muscle that your brain can activate.

Learning Outcomes:

This course will take you through a series of lectures and exercises that will teach you how to restore function to your entire body. Through the assessment of muscle function, releasing of muscle tension, training of proper movement patterns, strengthening connections and true core conditioning your return to fitness may be better than your pre-pregnancy abilities.

  • Have a basic understanding of the anatomy of the pelvic floor, abdominal wall, and back muscles.
  • Develop awareness and control over posture.
  • You will gain a deeper insight on how your body functions with optimal movement patterns as well as how to prevent injury during and long after your recovery.
  • Connect with your core muscles and learn how to activate them individually as well as together during daily activities and fitness.
  • Learn how to balance and center your body during stationary activities as well as dynamic activities.
  • Learn how the perform self release techniques through trigger point therapy, small ball rolling and foam roller massage.
  • Gain self assessment tools for injury prevention and how to find optimal form during exercises.
  • Strengthen extremities for the demand of infant care and child growth.
  • Learn the body mechanics for sitting, standing, lifting, lying down and transitioning between positions.
  • Be able to assess realistic expectations and outcomes.
  • Gain tips for when you should consult a healthcare professional.

The most important thing to remember is to have fun, be safe and listen to your body during your recovery. Join the group and forum for this course to get advice and here other peoples stories.


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