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The first month of UML focuses on creating a healthy mindset to give you the rules and tools needed to build a sustainable healthy lifestyle as well as how to incorporate them into your every day life. Use these tools will help you make the most of the this month and the next year so that you can finally meet your health and fitness goals. 
So get ready.  There are big things ahead for you!


Achieving success requires making and keeping a plan. Let’s start with sorting our lives and setting our goals.


  • Craft a to-do list.
  • Develop and honor your Priorities.
  • Set, refine and achieve meaningful goals.
  • Accomplish your tasks everyday, break habits and increase vitality.
  • Experience clarity in all areas of your life.
  • Learn to manage goals ten minutes a day!  
The first few days are going to take you a little more time than the rest of the month.  Factor in some time to watch videos, listen to audio, read the text and complete the homework.  You’ll want a quiet space, your smart phone, laptop and an open mind.  
Use this month to unblock the greatness within, find your drive and become excited about planning your fitness lifestyle.
Remember that this is and ebb and flow process meant to  be considered as a lifestyle change not a cleanse or quick fix. My many years spent studying movement, health, fitness, nutrition, personal development, how to build focus, awareness, task management, and goal mastery have taught me that we have all the pieces, but just need to create a system that is really really simple to follow.

Here’s what you can expect in this month:


  • You will receive 1 unit per day with me.
  • Each one will have a short lesson to help you develop better habits.
  • You must stick with me for the next 30 days.
  • Accountability! Do this with a partner, family or group!
  • By following this system, you can expect to have your best year ever and change your life!
  • We touch on all the area which affect fitness: psychological, biological, social and spiritual health. 

Let’s set up and sync our 
accounts so that we can communicate efficiently over the entirety of the course.

You will need:

Recommended accounts:


How we Touch on each area of life:


  • Psychological – mindset, goal setting and motivation
  • Biological – nutrition and exercise  
  • Social – accountability, Facebook community, posture photos, group calls, group workouts
  • Spiritual – meditation, audio journal

Please email or text me your contact info so we can connect on these platforms. After you set up your account and connect move on to the next unit so that you can begin determining your priorities.


ASSIGNMENT : Studio Intake MARKS : 10  DURATION : 2 days

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